Is Online PE Right For Me?

Online PE is an excellent option for many students as it gives them incredible flexibility, and control over their own schedule, but it’s not for everyone.  Take our quiz below to find out if online PE is right for you.  

For every time you answer “yes” or “most of the time,” give yourself 3 points, for a “maybe or sometimes” write down 2, and for every “no,” give yourself 1 point.  Be as honest as possible — no one will see your answers but you.  

  1. Do you wish that you didn’t have to get sweaty during the school day, didn’t have to deal with locker rooms, or generally feel uncomfortable during gym class?
  2. Would you like to choose your own activities for gym class instead of running laps or playing the sports that the teacher selects?
  3. Do you have physical limitations that makes traditional gym class difficult, awkward, or impossible?
  4. Are you involved with a sports team or club, and wish that those workouts could count towards your PE credit?
  5. Do you need more room in your schedule for elective classes such as language or art courses?
  6. Are you able to navigate a computer, e-mail, word-processing software, and web browsers with ease?
  7. Are you self-motivated and able to complete assignments on time and without much outside help?
  8. Would you prefer to have gym at an hour you chose, either in the morning or in the late evening instead of in the middle of the school day?
  9. Do you prefer working out in your own space and at your own pace?
  10. Have you had trouble with bullying or anxiety while in gym class?


Now tally up your scores.  

If you scored between 16 and 20, online PE is an excellent option for you.  You are frustrated with traditional PE classes, and you would like an alternative option.  Here at Carone Learning, we give you a way to take your PE courses online, freeing up your schedule to take other courses.  

If you scored between 11 and 15, you lean more towards online PE.  You either wish that you had an extra period to take an elective course, or you just don’t like traditional PE.  Taking an online class is a great option to help give you the flexibility you want.  

If you scored between 6 and 10, you lean more towards traditional PE, but you could still take an online course if you need or want to.  Take a look at your schedule and your goals to see if the switch will better fit your needs.  

If you scored between 1 and 5, traditional PE will be the best fit for you.  You don’t mind dressing down at school, and have no problems with the setup of traditional PE.  You still could take an online PE class if you would like to, but it might not be the best option for you.