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“Intelligence and skill can only function at the peak of their capacity when the body is healthy and strong.”  

— John F. Kennedy    

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As an educator, you strive to provide each of your students the opportunity to become an adult who can stand with confidence, embrace lifelong learning, participate fully in life, and make a meaningful contribution to the world.

Carone Learning has had a singular focus for the past ten years, which is to develop the best educational health and fitness curriculum available. We do this by embracing President Kennedy’s vision and by empowering educators and students with the best tools for teaching and learning about personal health and fitness.

We believe that promoting the development of an inquisitive student body and engaging them in a challenging, dynamic curriculum, will provide the best academic experience. Guidelines from industry leaders such as President’s Council on Fitness, Sports and Nutrition (PCFSN), SHAPE America and iNACOL also play an important role in shaping the curriculum. Online education through Carone Learning in conjunction with traditional education opens new doors of opportunity to serve the specific needs of each individual student.

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Carone Learning Student Solutions

We have solutions to meet the needs and goals of today’s students!

Health, PE and Career Education Solutions

Carone Learning 75 health and fitness based foundational, lifestyle, and career coursesAs the leader in K-12 online health, PE, and career courses over the last 10 years, Carone Learning has helped thousands of students and hundreds of virtual, public, private, and charter schools nationwide by providing a quality solution.

With a two-fold mission of guiding students on a pathway to healthy living and career options, Carone Learning has developed over 75 health and fitness based foundational, lifestyle, and career courses.

Student-Centric Curriculum Delivered on Our LMS or Yours

Our standards-based curriculum is student-centric, meaning students receive individual logins and can work through all the necessary content and instruction independently. Students can access courses from school, home, or just about anywhere with options that follow a set schedule designated by their school or at their own flexible pace.

While students engage in the courses independently, we provide highly qualified instructors who grade assignments, initiate pro-active support, and provide personalized feedback and guidance to help each student on their journey. As an accredited school and curriculum provider, Carone Learning can provide just the content for your school to administer or a combination of curriculum and instructional services, supported by our own highly qualified instructors.

We can deliver courses on our Learning Management System (LMS) or for schools with their own LMS, we have LMS migration options available. In addition to student-centric online courses for grades K-12, we have also developed a digital supplemental health and fitness option for K-8 educators looking for standardized curriculum resources for their face-to-face classroom.

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