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Enroll in Health and Fitness Courses through Carone Learning Academy

For students seeking to enroll in health and fitness courses directly for credit, Carone Learning offers Carone Learning Academy. Our accredited online school specializing in health, fitness, and career courses. 

About Carone Learning Academy

  • Carone Learning Academy is accredited through Cognia (formerly AdvancED).
  • Enrolled students in one or multiple courses to receive transferable course credit from Carone Learning Academy.
  • Most of our courses are one semester in length and equal 0.5 credits (5 units in CA). 
  • All courses are delivered asynchronously, meaning there is no set class time. Students work at their own pace… anytime, anywhere.
  • Each registration includes guidance and feedback from a certified Carone Learning Academy instructor. 

Enroll in online PE, health, and career classes at Carone LearningCarone Learning Academy Health and Fitness Courses

Carone Learning Academy provides 70 health, P.E., career and elective courses for students in grades K-12. There are several course models available. For a full course listing, see our Courses Catalog.

*0.5 credits = 5 units in CA

What We Expect from our Students

Students taking courses from Carone Learning Academy can take each course at their own pace. However, it is recommended that students work on their course on a consistent basis. For PE classes, fitness logs must be completed weekly. In each course, students will watch content videos, complete relevant assignments and quizzes, and participate in threaded discussion boards and/or journal entries. PE students must also complete 3-4 hours of physical activity weekly. A doctor’s note is required for students unable to complete all the required physical activity for PE courses, and alternative options or modifications should be discussed with the instructor at the beginning of the course.

Students must have Internet access, a connected device, a basic understanding of online technology, and a basic word processing app (such as Microsfot Word or GoogleDocs).  Learn about cFitness Academy policies.

Getting Credit for Your Health and Fitness Courses 

Carone Learning Academy is accredited through Cognia. Students will receive a completion email upon finishing a course. Official credit and transcripts can be obtained for an additional $30 transcript fee. Click here for more information on transferring credit to your school.

Frequently Asked Questions

 For further information about course set up and completion, consult our student/parent FAQ page or contact us.  

Please look here for contact information for additional student support questions.

Online PE and Online Health Classes Registration Information

You can register for a Carone Learning Academy course by clicking on the ENROLL NOW below and following the registration instructions. 

Course drops within one week of registration will receive a full refund, minus a $49 processing fee. No refund is available after one week following registration.  

For students registering for multiple PE courses, please note that only ONE physical education course may be taken at a time.  All fitness logs for one course must be completed before beginning a second PE course.  Enroll in online PE classes at Carone Learning Academy