Power of Online PE

Online PE? Absolutely!

One of the most frequent questions we hear is, “Online PE? How does that work?”  Not only does it work, but the power of  online physical education goes beyond the classroom.  Many online or alternative PE programs focus on one thing—physical activity.  While getting regular physical activity is a vital part of a quality PE program, it is just one part.  Standards-based physical education is multi-faceted to include knowledge and skills, as well as physical activity.

Carone Learning uses a Comprehensive Approach to Physical Education.

 Our approach focuses on three areas:

  1. Health-enhancing physical activities
  2. Physical skills
  3. Academic knowledge

With an epidemic of childhood obesity still rampant in our nation, national organizations, such as Shape America, have called for a more personalized approach to PE that promotes lifelong fitness.  Our quality curriculum coupled with an online environment creates an ideal setting to achieve that personalized approach.

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The ultimate goal of Carone Learning’s personalized online PE program is to empower students as they develop a lifelong commitment to health and physical fitness.

The benefits of a our online PE courses include:

  • Students learn health and fitness principles and practice applying them to their own lives.
  • Within specific parameters, students choose activities they enjoy—they are more likely to get started and stick with their program over time.
  • With added accountability, students have to decide when, where, and how they are going to exercise, which is great practice for the rest of their lives.
  • Students perform activities and assessments in a non-competitive environment where they celebrate their own successes and do not feel compared to the performance of others.
  • Students receive personalized feedback from an instructor (kind of like having their own personal trainer!).
  • Everything is tailored to the individual. With structured guidance, the student is able to design, monitor, and evaluate their own fitness program, challenges, and successes.

So, how does online PE work?

Our program walks students through a full assessment, program design, and evaluation.  While receiving guidance and feedback from an instructor, students:

  • Conduct an initial physical fitness assessment
  • Analyze current levels of fitness
  • Set realistic goals for improvement
  • Design and implement an exercise program
  • Monitor progress and make necessary adjustments
  • Evaluate improvements

Physical Activities

Within certain course parameters, students can participate in cardio, strength, and flexibility activities of their choice.  Students receive complimentary access to the Carone Learning Exercise Library (grades 6-12), which includes videos, pictures, and descriptions of almost 300 exercises, or Carone Learning’s Activity Library (grades K-15), which includes videos, pictures, and instruction for dozens of skills, activities, and games.  These are great resource for students who are unsure of what physical activities to do or are looking for more options.

Additionally, some of the PE courses focus on specific sports or physical skills in which students practice and submit video assignments to demonstrate competency.

Activity Verification

While working on their weekly fitness program, students complete detailed fitness logs including information such as time, activity, heart rate, and goal completion. At least one form of external verification is required, which can come from a supervising adult and/or an online-syncing hardware device.

Fitness Principles

Carone Learning Online PE ClassesIn addition to focusing on health-enhancing exercise, students also learn the principles of health and fitness and how to apply them through:

  • Engaging video lessons
  • Self-reflection activities
  • Meaningful assignments
  • Threaded discussion boards
  • Objective-based quizzes

To see the top 5 reasons that students take online P.E., read about it here.

With a personalized approach to learning skills and principles, as well as engaging in individualized activities, students are able to establish a habit of exercise and achieve success that sets them up for real world health and fitness!

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