Course Features

What Makes the Carone Learning Online Curriculum Unique?

The Carone Learning courses are designed using sound instructional strategies to promote individualized learning and student success. Learning theories such as Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences, Gagne’s Instructional Events, and Bloom’s Taxonomy set the stage for students’ peak performance.

Our fun and engaging courses allow students to focus on their personal health and fitness needs, goals, and interests. These personalized courses allow students to follow their own pathway at their own pace.  The following are a few of our course features and benefits.

  • time_place_device(1)

    Any Time, Place, or Device: All courses are online and asynchronous (no scheduled class times) and can be accessed from any browser or device, so students can choose when, where, and how they learn.

  • Highly_qualified_Instr(1)

    Highly Qualified Instructors*: Students receive qualitative, individualized feedback and motivation from our dedicated instructors.

  • health_fitness(1)

    Individualized Health & Fitness Plans: With structured guidance, students design their own personal health and fitness plans and execute them in a non-threatening environment.

  • multimedia_lessons(1)

    Multimedia Lessons: Content appeals to a variety of learning styles with pictures, videos, text, and narration.

  • followalong_txt(1)

    Follow-along Text & Narration: Students can listen to, read, or follow along the text and narration– particularly ideal for diverse reading levels.

  • userfriendly_nav(1)

    User-friendly Navigation: Ease of use and consistency in navigation eliminates barriers to getting started and completing a course.

  • Field Trips: Additional exploratory options lead students to credible websites for further self-guided learning.

  • Asynchronous Discussion Boards: Teacher-monitored social learning opportunities with peers reinforce real-world application of principles.

  • self_reflection

    Self-reflection Activities: Guided journal entries and reflections papers help students personalize and apply information to their own lives.

  • Meaningful Assignments: Relevant assignments help students connect knowledge, skills, and personal understanding.

  • Review Tools: Vocabulary check and section reviews available to reinforce learning and provide non-threatening self-assessment options for students.

  • objective_review_exam(1)

    Objective-based Quizzes and Exams: Computer graded questions provide instant feedback to students, as well as demonstrate mastery or remediation areas for further review.

  • Exercise Library: An exercise library provides almost 300 exercise options for students with pictures, videos, and instructions. Students have complimentary access to the Exercise Library with each PE course!

  • parent_guides(1)

    Parent Guides: A course outline is included in each course so parents know how to best support their student’s success.

  • Teacher Guides: Comprehensive teacher guides and training are available for partnering schools using their own instructors.

*Partnering schools have the option to use their own instructors.

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