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More than 70 Online PE, Health, and Career Courses for Grades K-12

Carone Learning is the country’s leading provider of P.E., health, fitness and career online courses for elementary, middle and high school students. Hundreds of thousands of students have benefited from our unique program.  Our courses are available through many public and private schools across the nation, as well as through our very own Carone Learning Academy.  Our success comes from delivering highly engaging courses that focus on improving the foundational understanding of health and fitness, expanding knowledge of lifestyle fitness concepts, and helping students explore career pathways in the health sciences and fitness industries.

We meet all of the latest standards for health, fitness and career learning. This goal-centric curriculum allows the students to focus on their personal goals and interests as they work at their own flexible pace.

Carone Learning Career, Health, P.E. Classes Provide:

  • High quality curriculum with undeniable results!
  • Anytime, anywhere flexibility
  • Clear expectations & accountability measures
  • Grade-appropriate content with strategic knowledge scaffolding
  • Consistent navigation and tasks for easier uptake and retention
  • Self-directed pacing and learning to increase self-management skills and allow students to review content as many times as needed or accelerate as desired
  • Scientifically-based information constructed from academic and professional standards

Foundation, Lifestyle, and Career Courses

Foundation Courses focus on the fundamental information students need to build a strong foundation in health and fitness. These K-12 grade courses include fundamental health and PE courses that teach concepts like:

  • How to set and track achievable goals
  • Exercise recommendations for frequency, intensity, time, and type
  • And the characteristics of healthy behaviors, relationships, and communication style

Lifestyle Courses provide exploratory opportunities that build upon a student’s health and fitness foundation. These middle and high school courses provide additional opportunities such as:

  • Learning the fundamentals of running techniques and training
  • Experimenting with various outdoor and leisure sports
  • Or learning about consumer science skills such as grocery shopping, healthy cooking, child care, or home maintenance

Career Courses provide high school students with the opportunity to learn more about specific health and fitness career pathways, which support national initiatives to better prepare our high school students for college and career.

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