Student Support

Carone Learning’s cFitness Academy is an accredited online school serving grades K-12 that provides online courses and school credit that can be transferred back to one’s diploma-granting school.  We have high standards of quality and aim to make each student’s online course experience a success.  Below you can find the contact information depending on the types of questions you have.  Additionally, you may wish to look on our Frequently Asked Questions page to find answers to your question.

Registration, Login, or Course Access Problems

If you are a student (or parent or counselor of a student) taking courses through Carone Learning’s cFitness Academy and are having problems with your login or course access, please contact the registrar for assistance.  If you have any questions prior to registering for a course you can find additional information here.  You may also contact the registrar for more information.


Phone: 801-657-4651 option 3

Toll Free: 888-769-0480 option 3

*If you are taking a Carone Learning course through another school or provider, please contact your school or teacher with any questions.

Content or Grade Questions

Please contact your instructor with any questions about your grade, assignments, course expectations or content-specific questions.  You can contact your instructor through the Student Information System after logging into your account.  You should have also received teacher contact information upon registering for the course.  If you need assistance contacting your teacher, please contact the registrar or teacher manager.

Teacher Issues

If you are a student (or a parent or counselor of a student) taking courses through Carone Learning’s cFitness Academy and would like to report problems or praise about a teacher, please contact our teacher manager at

Error Reporting

If you find an error in Carone Learning’s curriculum, such as a typo or broken link, please report it here.  Please note that we do not provide technical assistance for hardware, software, email, or other issues not related to our curriculum.