Carone Learning Success Stories

Carone Learning Reviews by Parents and Students

Read below to see what students, teachers and administrators have to say about Carone Learning and Carone Learning Academy. All quotes are actual. Some have chosen to have their names omitted.

What are students saying about Carone Learning?

“Since beginning this course, I feel so much better about myself. I have more energy, I’m more alert and focused on the day, I’m more relaxed, and I’m more self-confident. I also improved my own level of fitness. I am very proud of myself because it wasn’t easy.  I’m proud for pushing myself the way I did, and being living proof of the results is amazing.” — Gina, Student

“I am learning things I never knew about fitness. All previous PE classes have been centered just on the physical aspect and not on the actual benefits, styles, and methods of physical fitness. Now that I understand a little more about ways to train properly, I am more motivated to work out and less apt to slack off.” — Haley, Student

“The PE class has been really fun so far. I have found that as I get used to self-motivation, exercising by myself is easier. It sets me up for later in life where I will have to be self-motivated if I want to stay healthy. I also see that it is changing my family life. Currently, all our family members are overweight. I am hoping to use what I learn in this course to help our all-around daily life and to educate us all on how to stay fit. So far, this is succeeding and it is a good feeling. Also, when I am in a traditional PE class, I always feel pressured by the other students there. It makes me self-conscious about how well I do to the point of slacking off. This is obviously a very bad thing. So it helps relieve the pressures of feeling like I am being compared. All around, I feel this course is very beneficial.” —  Stephanie, Student

“As an athlete, I already get a lot of exercise every day. This course was great because I could count the exercise I am already doing towards my PE program.  I also learned a lot of information about health and fitness that will help me in my training.” Darrin, Student

“This is one of the coolest PE classes that I have ever had (they don’t get mad if I wear a dress!). I think that this class has been beneficial in teaching me to work out even if I only have five minutes. Students are motivated in a new way to be successful in PE class and all of our other classes too.”  — Nikei, Student

“I liked that this class catered to people from all walks of life. There was a fitness library you could visit for exercises that included some for people of very minimal fitness levels like myself.  I’m used to feeling bad because I’m so inactive and out of shape but I didn’t feel pressured to overwork myself.” — Jessie, Student

“This course is the best I have taken on-line. It was easy to read, understand, and the questions on the quiz were taken directly from the information provided.  The greatest benefit was that the course made me aware of my level of fitness and encouraged me to push a little harder.” — Jayce, Student

“I just want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for this awesome class. I really enjoyed this class. I completed the assignments, broke a lot of sweat and it was all worth it. This class changed how physically active I am. I love working out and eating the right food.” — Anonymous, Student

“Thank you so much for checking in and accommodating me. I really loved this [running] course because I didn’t feel pressured to sprint 10 miles a day.  (Another online jogging class I looked at wanted me to run a 5K every day for 6 weeks.  That’s especially insane for beginners!) — Anonymous, Student

What are students saying about our Carone Learning Academy Teachers?

My teacher was beyond helpful. She cared about my work and my personal goals. Through out the entire course I did not get frustrated because I knew I could ask her questions. She was very knowledgeable about the class content and work. I never had any issues with her. I hope I get to take another course with her. I would recommend her to other students because she was that great of a teacher. If all teachers were like her I think there would be more teenagers succeeded in school.

“If she wouldn’t have helped me out then I wouldn’t be graduating. For months, she was more motivated for me than I was even for myself. I don’t like asking people for help. My teacher stayed consistent with me, she would always check up on me, give me reminders, progress reports, and she got me the help that I desperately needed. Words cannot thank her enough. She motivated me to finish this whole course even when it seemed impossible.

“My teacher was very understanding especially with everything going on in my situation and she was extremely helpful. I loved the course! THANK YOU!”

“Super nice & helpful! He wanted me to succeed, not just pass the class.”

“My instructor was simply AMAZING! Her concern for the success of her students drove me to wanting to complete this course with an A’. She’s also caring and kind, with the ability to work with you should you have a problem.”

“I had an amazing teacher who had my success in her best interest, and was willing to put the time in to make sure I had everything I needed to ensure that I was successful. Thank you.”

What are teachers saying about Carone Learning?

“I am so thrilled that students who face challenges in learning can succeed as a result of the methods used in your courses.  These students had no experience with online learning. Your courses’ easy navigation and consistency really helped them. I have a student with an IEP in reading and he is doing a superb job with your course thanks to your video lessons.” — Instructor, NM

“I have been impressed with the work required from the students through the cFitness Academy courses. Students are required to be involved in regular fitness activities of their choice each week through fitness logs. The assignments teach why fitness is so important and how they can personally apply it. Hopefully each student will have the desire to continue with their habit of regular exercise after completing the course. Isn’t that our main goal as physical educators – to make fitness a life-long activity? I would definitely recommend the use of the cFitness Academy program as an online option for Physical Education.” PE Teacher, CA

What are school administrators saying about Carone Learning?

“The courses have gotten great feedback from students: they particularly appreciate the anonymity offered by an online “PE class” and the orientation of the course toward creating a healthy lifestyle rather than just participating in group sports. These courses really prepare students for a world of personal fitness with online accountability and feedback tools. I highly recommend them!”Principal, FL

“Carone Learning is a model vendor: the company provides quick turn-around times and pervasive professionalism. They have done a great job of keeping materials up-to-date, providing standard correlations, and have even gone the extra mile in helping us create custom schedules to match our academic calendar.” — SVP Academic Affairs, CA

“In our second year as an online school in Oregon we added courses from Carone to our secondary elective menu. The courses are engaging for students and simple for instructors to use. But what stands out to me especially, is the excellent customer service provided by Katie and her crew. They are so easy to work with, so helpful and get back to us usually within hours of a phone call or email. They really care about schools that have chosen to use their courses, and they care about health and fitness!” — Principal, OR

“Carone Fitness has been a course provider for the West Virginia Virtual School since the 2010-2011 school year. Before a course can be added to the West Virginia Virtual School catalog, course providers must provide a demo which West Virginia certified teachers use to ensure coursework meets the content standards and objectives established by the West Virginia Board of Education. Physical education and health teachers gave the approved courses glowing remarks upon review.  The registration process is simplified and we continually receive positive feedback from our onsite facilitators regarding the collaboration of the online teacher provided by Carone Learning.” —  E-Learning Program Manager, WV

“We have had the privilege of partnering with Carone Learning for over 3 years as our online Health and Physical Education curriculum provider. We have implemented a variety of courses and have found customer service and content to be exemplary. The technical support team for Carone Fitness is responsive and extremely helpful. Our students truly enjoy the online aspect of our Physical Education program, due in large part to the setup of the courses, the clarity in expectations, and the ease of navigation. I strongly recommend Carone Learning as a content provider for online health and physical education courses.” — Manager of E-Learning, NY