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A Message to Parents from Katie Carone:

“As parents, our sole mission is to best prepare our children to be successful in life as an adult.  Having four children of my own, I truly understand this challenge.  We believe that health and fitness affect all areas of a student’s life.  It is the key to life-long success and one of the driving reasons Carone Learning exists.” 
~Katie Carone, Founder & Director of Carone Learning & Carone Learning Academy

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FAQs for Students

Online Health, PE, Elective & Career Courses: A Personalized Learning Experience

Carone Learning knows that parents and students across the nation are seeking a more personalized learning experience.  Many are looking for health and physical education courses where students feel a greater sense of individualization, comfort, and where required elements are tailored to a student’s physical and academic needs.  Some are looking for additional elective and career options that can be taken with a flexible schedule.  Others are looking to earn credit for student graduation.  Many just want to have the experience of health and fitness courses as a tool for part of their wellness plan.  By doing this, they are able to explore new and modern ways to maximize online learning.

Carone Learning understands that finding the right online course can be difficult.  Because each student is unique, a more individualized approach is often required.  Since 2006, Carone Learning has helped hundreds of thousands of students achieve their health, fitness, and career goals, including students that:

  • Need more personalized attention
  • Need flexibility in scheduling to catch up or get ahead
  • Need credit for graduation
  • Are uncomfortable or intimidated exercising in a group environment
  • Desire to improve their fitness prowess
  • Want to take courses beyond the scope of school offerings
  • Have physical, social, or academic limitations

Accredited Online Health, PE, and Career Courses

Carone Learning’s Carone Learning Academy is an accredited supplemental online school focusing on health, PE, elective and career courses.  With a two-fold mission of guiding students on a pathway to healthy living and career options, Carone Learning has developed over 75 student-centric courses that provide a personalized approach to helping students reach their goals.

Our standards-based curriculum, coupled with our fully trained and dedicated teachers, creates a meaningful learning experience for students at all levels.  Students receive individual logins and can work through all the necessary content and instruction independently.  Students can access courses from school, home, or just about anywhere at a flexible pace.  As an accredited school, we can provide course credit and an official transcript to be transferred back to a student’s graduating school.

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