Bishop Ireton High School – Online P.E.

Welcome Bishop Ireton students! We’re happy to have you join Carone Learning’s cFitness Academy for a summer school session. You will be enrolling in our Personal Health and Fitness course, which will meet your 9th grade health and P.E. semester credit. There is also the option for a two semester course, Advance PE 1 & 2 to meet the 10th grade P.E. credit.

How Our Courses Work

Our courses are designed so that students can work through the lessons and assignments independently– anytime, anywhere– with guidance and feedback from a certified instructor. In the courses, students watch lessons, take online quizzes, participate in online discussion boards, and complete personalized assignments. 

Fitness Requirement

Since this is a PE class, students will be required to complete FOUR hours of physical activity per week for SIX weeks. Students will submit weekly fitness logs with the details of your workouts. These logs must be verified by a parent or supervising adult. Your weekly exercise must include elements of cardio, strength, and stretching, however, you can choose your own activities. We also provide an Exercise Library with videos and instructions where you can find a variety of options for exercise if needed.  You can find more information about the exercise requirements for this course under the “Exercise Requirements” page in the course.


Please register for the course through our registration system by clicking the enroll button below.

  • There are specific section we have created for Bishop Ireton students. Please scroll through the course list until you find the courses titled:
    • 2022 Personal Health & Fitness (9th) – Bishop Ireton
    • 2022 Advanced PE 1 (10th) – Bishop Ireton
    • 2022 Advanced PE 2 (10th) – Bishop Ireton
  • Payment is due at the time of registration and can be made with a credit card or a mailed check. Access to the course will not be available until payment is received. The cost is $299 per semester-course.
  • Students do NOT need to purchase a separate transcript, unless desired. Bishop Ireton has agreed to accept final grade emails sent directly from cFitness Academy.
  • You may start the course at any time. If you wish to start the course on a day other than your registration date, please contact our registrar,, in order to specify a new start date.
  • You will have 8 weeks from your start date to complete the course. A one-week complimentary extension is available, upon request, at the end of your course if time permits. Additional extensions are available for a $15 weekly fee.
  • Bishop Ireton High School has requested that all courses be completed no later than August 15th. We recommend that students begin the 10th grade course immediately and register for the 9th grad e course by July 1st, at the latest, in order to complete the required 6 weeks of fitness logs.
  • If you register for a course and don’t receive initial login information, please check your email spam folder. Much of our communication from the registrar and instructor (including login information) will be sent through our Student Information System. Please add as a safe email contact.


If you have any questions about enrollment or logging in, please contact our registrar at or by phone, 888.769.0480 ext 3.

If you have any questions as you begin or work through your course, please contact your instructor, Mrs. Rhonda Wheelwright via email or by phone, 888.769.0480 ext 107.

We look forward to working with you! Best of luck on your course.

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