Bishop Ireton High School – Online P.E.

Welcome Bishop Ireton students! Enrollment for our summer course must be pre-approved by Bishop Ireton. Registration begins May 6.

9th Grade Students: Enroll in BishopIreton_Personal Health and Fitness. This is a combined health and P.E. course. Students will be required to complete FOUR hours of physical activity per week for 6 weeks. The cost is $299. Students will have 9 weeks from their start date to complete their course (course start date must be no later than June 21st.)

10th Grade Students: Enroll in BishopIreton_Advanced PE – Full Year. This course is equal to two semesters of 10th grade physical education. Students will be required to complete FOUR hours of physical activity per week for 10 weeks. The cost is $598. Students will have 11 weeks from their start date to complete their course (course start date must be no later than May 31st.)

How Our Courses Work

Our courses are designed so that students can work through the lessons and assignments independently– anytime, anywhere– with guidance and feedback from a certified instructor. In the courses, students watch lessons, take online quizzes, participate in online discussion boards, and complete personalized assignments. 

Fitness Logs

Students will be required to complete 4 hours of physical activity per week, depending on the course. Students will submit weekly fitness logs with the details of your workouts. These logs must be verified by a parent or supervising adult. Your weekly exercise must include elements of cardio, strength, and stretching, however, you can choose your own activities. We also provide an Exercise Library with videos and instructions where you can find a variety of options for exercise if needed.  You can find more information about the exercise requirements for this course under the “Exercise Requirements” page in the course.


Please register for the course through our registration system by clicking the enroll button below. Follow the steps below.

If you are a returning student, please login to your account and skip to step 3. If you don’t remember your login, please use the reset password button. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar directly:, 801.657-4651 opt 3.

  1. CREATE ACCOUNT here. Be sure to use a valid and unique email addresses for each the student and guardian.
  2. After completing the information and hitting SAVEcheck your email for login instructions and to set your account password. Both the student and guardian should receive login instructions. Use the STUDENT account to continue the registration.
  3. NOTE: If you did NOT receive an email to the student email address you provided, you can click on the blue “here” on the login page to recover your password (under the “Sign In” button here: This will allow you to set a password. It will then take you to your account to continuing registering for the course. Please remember your password. Once registered for a course your username will be emailed to you for future logins.
  4. Once logged into the student account, click on COURSE CATALOG in the left menu.
  5. Using the search tool at the top, search for “BI.” Find the course the course name you need and click REGISTER to add the course to your cart. There is a search tool or “Advanced Filter” option at the top if needed. Be to SELECT THE SECTION THAT SAYS “Bishop Ireton”.
  6. Click PROCEED TO CHECKOUT in the top right corner and enter payment information.
  7. Once paid, you should be able to access your course(s) through the DASHBOARD tab in the left menu. You will also receive a welcome email with your instructor information and course completion date. It will also include your username to use for future logins.

Please note that the date you register will be listed as the start date in our system. PLEASE EMAIL YOUR INSTRUCTOR SO SHE CAN MANUALLY CHANGE YOUR START DATE: Let her know your name, that you are a Bishop Ireton Student, and your desired start date (please note the start date requirements above).

Enroll in online PE classes at Carone Fitness


If you have any questions about enrollment or logging in, please contact our registrar at or by phone, 888.769.0480 ext 3. If you have any questions as you begin or work through your course, please contact your instructor: Rhonda Wheelwright,

We look forward to working with you! Best of luck on your course.

Enroll in online PE classes at Carone Fitness