Honors Physiology

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Carone Learning Category: Career
Subject: Science
Recommended Grade Level: 10-12
Course Credit: One semester, 0.5 credits (5 units in CA)
Recommended Pre-Requisites: Anatomy/Honors Anatomy
Course Description

In this course, students will examine the functions of the body’s biological systems– including skeletal, muscular, circulatory, respiratory, digestive, reproductive, nervous, urinary, and endocrine systems. In addition to understanding the function of each system, students will learn the function of cells, blood, and sensory organs, as well as study DNA, immunity, and metabolic systems.

This is an intensive course recommended for grades 10-12. Anatomy is a recommend pre-requisite for this course.

Units & Tasks

This course is divided into the following Units and Sections.

  • Course Introduction
  • Unit 1: Cells, Sensory Organs, & Blood
    • 1 Cellular Function
    • 2 Sensory Organs
    • 3 Functions of Blood
  • Unit 2: Circulatory & Respiratory Systems
    • 1 Lymphatic System & Immunity
    • 2 Circulatory System
    • 3 Respiratory System
  • Unit 3: Nervous & Digestive Systems
    • 1 Nervous System I
    • 2 Nervous System II
    • 3 Digestive System
  • Unit 4: Musculoskeletal Systems
    • 1 Skeletal System & Joints
    • 2 Muscular System
    • 3 Energy Systems
  • Unit 5: Urinary, Endocrine, & Reproductive Systems
    • 1 Urinary System
    • 2 Endocrine System
    • 3 Reproductive System

Within each section students will find the following tasks to view or complete:

  1. Section Checklist—an outline of tasks for each section
  2. Lesson—multimedia lessons about the section topic
  3. Field Trip—links to online sites and articles with additional information
  4. Discussion*—asynchronous class discussion about an assigned topic
  5. Assignment*— research on an additional Anatomy topic
  6. Anatomy Check— flash-card activity to aid with anatomy identification
  7. Vocab Check—flash-card activity to aid with vocabulary comprehension
  8. Quiz*—assessment of lesson comprehension

The items noted with an asterisk above are those that must be submitted for a grade.
In addition to the tasks noted above, a unit exam will be found at the end of every unit, as well as a comprehensive final exam at the end of the course.

Research Project

As part of this honors class, students are required to participate in a five-part research project that culminates in a five-page persuasive research paper. Students need to choose a medical topic that relates to human anatomy or physiology. The topic should have at least two points of view. Examples include, but are not limited to, topics such as stem cell use, cloning, immunotherapy, use of mechanized surgical equipment or controversial surgical techniques. Students should get their topics approved through the instructor before beginning the project.


There are 16 sections in this course. Each section is designed to be completed in about one week’s time. However, students may take more or less time as needed. A recommended pacing guide is provided within the course.

Parent & Teacher Guides

Parent and teacher guides available.


There are no required materials for this course.

Technical Requirements

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An internet connection and computer or tablet is required. Software requirements include a PDF reader, and word-processing application (such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or Open Office).