Middle School Health Q2

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Carone Learning Category: Foundations
Subject: Health
Recommended Grade Level: 6-8
Course Credit: 0.25 credits (2.5 units in CA)
Recommended Pre-Requisites: None
Course Description

Middle School Health aids students in creating a foundation of personal health. Beginning with properly defining health, this course then builds upon basic health practices to emphasize the importance of balance. Attention is given to each of the six dimensions of wellness; namely, physical, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, social, and environmental. Students are taught the skills necessary to improve every aspect of health. They are also encouraged to reflect upon their own personal wellness each week.

Units & Tasks

This course is divided into the following Units and Sections.

  • Course Introduction
    • Unit 4: Personal Fitness
      • 4.1 Physical Wellness
      • 4.2 Nutrition
      • 4.3 Weight Management
    • Unit 5: Personal Health
      • 5.1 Disease Transmission & Prevention
      • 5.2 Drugs & Alcohol
      • 5.3 Reproductive Health
    • Unit 6: Health & Safety
      • 6.1 Consumer & Environmental Wellness
      • 6.2 Safety & Personal Injury

Within each section students will find the following tasks to view or complete:

  1. Checklist—an outline of tasks for that section
  2. Lessons—multimedia online lessons about the section topic
  3. Field Trip—links to other online sites with additional fitness information
  4. Reflection*—a journal reflection on material learned
  5. Discussion*—class discussion on an assigned topic
  6. Assignment*—section assignment
  7. Vocab Check—a practice exercise to test your knowledge of vocabulary
  8. Quiz*—quiz covering information from the lessons

The items noted with an asterisk above are those that must be submitted for a grade. The “Course Introduction” section has more detailed information on the navigation and tasks for this course.


There are 8 total sections in the course. Each section is designed to be completed in about one week’s time. However, if you have less time to complete the course, you may need to move through the sections more quickly. Your instructor may also have a set schedule he/she would prefer you to follow. Check with your instructor if you have any questions.

Parent & Teacher Guides

Parent and teacher guides available.


There are no required materials for this course.

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