Course Extension Order

To order a course extension, search for course title “Course Extension,” select the course with the appropriate number of weeks, then login with your student account to order and process payment. If you have any questions, please contact the registrar directly: or 801.657.4651 option 3.

Extension Policy

Carone Learning Academy can provide a one-week courtesy extension to accommodate holidays, snow days, sick days, or other issues that may keep a student away from a course. Note that the courtesy extension is not available for independent study courses. Additional paid extensions for all courses are available for a fee of $20 per week. Students can register for the courtesy extension or additional paid extensions through our registration system.

It is strongly recommended that extensions are requested/paid for prior to a student’s completion date, so students have access to the maximum extension possible. 

Please be aware that the following stipulations apply:

  • Extensions that are purchased prior to 3:00 p.m. MST, M-F, will be processed the same business day. Extensions purchased after hours or on weekends may be processed the following business day.
  • For students who were enrolled through a contracted school, course extensions may require school approval. Please have the school counselor or school contact send request approval to
  • The extension period begins immediately after the course end date. For example, if a student’s end date is January 7th, a one-week extension would extend course access to January 14th, no matter what day the extension was requested or paid.
  • A course extension request more than two weeks after a course end date will require pre-approval from the registrar to re-open course access. Payment for any surpassed extension time will still be required.
  • A maximum of six weeks of extensions may be purchased. Additional extensions require pre-approval and may be based on demonstration of coursework progress.
  • Carone Learning Academy reserves the right to deny a course extension.

If you have any questions about extensions, please contact the registrar via email at, phone at 801-657-4651 ext 111, or text at 801-801-0667.