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Q:  Do courses align to state and national standards?

A: Yes! Carone Learning has taken great care to meet state and national academic standards for health and PE. Our courses also meet the Standards for Quality Online Courses established by the International Council for Online Learning (iNACOL).

Q:  What are the technology requirements?

A: The Carone Learning courses utilize HTML 5. They are browser and device compatible (including iPads). There are some flash components in our courses, however, we include alternative MP4 and PDF options. To complete the courses, students need a PDF reader and either an MP4 or Flash player. We also recommend access to a word-processing application (such as Word). Free software options are available and listed in each course.

Q:  Are the courses self-paced?

A: All courses are asynchronous. Students can enroll at any time and work on the courses whenever and wherever they want. For the most part, students can complete the courses as quickly as they are able, however, the PE courses recommend a minimum of 12 weeks of physical activity at three hours a week. Students can be enrolled in a semester course for maximum of five months.

Q:  How much time is required to complete a course?

A: Each Carone Learning course is one semester (0.5 credits) and designed to be completed in about 75-90 hours. Over a semester students should expect to spend 4-6 hours per week (for a recommended 15 weeks).

Q:  How does the physical activity component work in the PE courses?

A: Although the physical education courses of are delivered online, the physical activity required in these courses is anything but virtual! Fitness levels and activity for courses are measured with various pre- and post- fitness assessments. Students should keep a detailed log of their weekly fitness activities, and to monitor and review their progress through periodic evaluations.

Q:  How do you verify that students are actually exercising?

A: Students record their physical activity and heart rate on exercise logs that should be verified
by a parent or other supervising adult. Additional verification methods, such as computer-synced activity monitors or heart rate monitors are recommended. These devices, as well as other equipment options, are optional. https://www.caronelearning.com/equipment/

Q:  How are the Carone Learning courses appropriate for a variety of learners?

A: The Carone Learning courses were designed using sound instructional theory. They are user friendly, easily navigable, and very consistent throughout. In addition, multimedia lessons combine text, pictures, video, and audio to greatly enhance learning and cater to specialized learners. Printable handouts are also available for students.

Q:  What equipment is required? Do students have to have access to a gym?

A: There are no additional textbooks or equipment required for students to complete the Carone Learning courses. If students do not have access to any exercise equipment, we strongly recommend the purchase of a resistance band. For more information please see: https://www.caronelearning.com/equipment/

Q:  How do students know what exercises to perform?

A: When taking PE courses from Carone Learning, students are required to participate in a variety of exercises, including cardio, strength, and flexibility. However, within those requirements, students can choose their own exercises. For students who are unsure what to do, recommendations are given. Students also have access to the Carone Learning Exercise Library which provides instruction, pictures, and video of almost 300 different exercises involving weights, exercise bands, or no equipment whatsoever.

Q.  Who does the teaching and grading?

A: All of the course instruction is provided online through multimedia lessons and readings.

There are two options for grading:

  1. Parent or home school teacher
  2. Carone Learning instructor

1. Home school courses can be taken under the supervision of their parents. In this case, the parent is considered the instructor and is responsible for grading and providing feedback to a student, as well as providing a final grade.

Note that all quizzes are auto-graded by the computer.

A sample pacing chart with point value recommendations per each assignment is provided in the Course Home section of each course. However, decisions about requirements, alternative assignments, pacing, and submission/ format, is at the discretion of the parent. For home-taught families, students should submit assignments directly to their parent for grading.

Please note that Carone Learning CANNOT provide a transcript for courses that are parent-taught. Carone Learning may communicate an active enrollment status with your home education organization. However, final grades must be self-reported by the parent to their home-school organization.

2. Carone Learning can also provide instructors for courses. This may be ideal of parents with limited subject matter expertise or those looking for additional external guidance and feedback. Instructors maintain weekly contact with a student, as well as grading assignments and fitness logs and providing personalized feedback. Our instructors maintain regular communication with
the student, monitor tasks, grade assignments, and provide timely and personalized feedback to students. As an accredited organization, Carone Learning can provide an official transcript for enrolled students utilizing our teaching services. For more information about registering for a course with a Carone instructor, visit our full site at https://caronelearning.com/about-us/about-cfitness-academy/

Q:  Can the Carone Learning courses accommodate students with physical limitations?

A: Because exercise programs can be tailored to meet the needs of each student, the Carone Learning courses are ideal for students of all fitness levels and abilities. All courses can be adapted easily to meet students needs. 

Q:  What information is included in the curriculum about reproductive health?

A: There is a reproductive health section in the Health & Personal Wellness course. This section covers information about changes in adolescence, male and female anatomy, abstinence, and the miracle of life. There is also information in the disease prevention section about HIV/AIDS and STI’s. All of the information is presented in a scientific manner based on the CDC guidelines. Additional information may be taught by the parent as deemed appropriate.

Q:  Do the courses contain Christian or religious concepts?

A: The curriculum is not presented in a religious context. However, all courses are values-focused and complement additional religious teachings that a parent may wish to include on his/her own. Spiritual wellness is discussed generally in the health course, in relation to all the realms of health (physical, social, mental, emotional, spiritual). These concepts can certainly be expanded upon by families or groups as deemed appropriate.

Q: Can the content be used for multiple students?

A: A course license must be purchased for each student enrolling in a Carone Learning course. All materials are copyrighted and should not be shared or used for multiple students without the appropriate license. For each license purchased, a student will receive login access to a specified course for a 5 month period.

Discounts apply for multiple student or course license purchases. Please note that all enrollments must be purchased in one transaction for the discount to apply. Enrollments may be pre-purchased with access beginning on future start date, as specified by the enrollee.

As quizzes and exams can only be taken one time each, so students should be sure to use their own assigned login when taking a quiz.

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