Student Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for Carone Learning Academy:

Carone Learning Academy abides by the student privacy guidelines outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).

Access to Information

Student information is shared only with teachers, school administrators, and support staff as needed.  External communication or information sharing may be done between Carone Learning and student’s parent/guardian and school counselor.  Upon completion of a course, a completion certificate will be sent to student, parent/guardian, and school counselor.  Official transcripts are sent from the Carone Learning Registrar to a student’s school upon request.  No additional information may be released without written permission from the student’s legal guardian


Student information is kept confidential.  All student data is secure, password protected, and maintained through a secure student information system (Genius SIS) or learning management system (Agilix Buzz).  Students and teachers must also have a username or password to access their courses.  They should keep this information private.  Students and teachers should not share their login information or any class content with others. 

Mentors or counselors may also be provided with a unique mentor login to view only their student data and grade books.  Mentors should also keep this login, course data, and student data confidential.

Carone Learning Curriculum Enrollment Privacy Policy

Carone Learning offers curriculum to schools that don’t directly use Carone Learning instructors or other services. For any student information that may be received from these schools, as necessary for enrollment or census reports, Carone Learning abides by the student privacy guidelines outlined in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Student information is kept confidential and shared only with school administrators and support staff as needed. Student data is never released to third parties. Any student data received is secure and password protected.