Carone Courses can be used without additional equipment. However, we do recommend some of the following equipment options that can be purchased here.


MOVband Activity Monitor

This product is ideal for motivation and tracking, as well as activity verification when used in conjunction with a cFitness Academy course.

  • Tracks moves, step equivalent, and cumulative distance
  • Also has a watch function to tell the time
  • Syncs to an online site so you and/or your instructor can track your movement
  • Comes with a black band; additional colored bands available
MOVband Band Colors
Price: $ 34.99 with online site access
Additional Colored Bands: $4.99

Polar FT7 Red

Polar-Powered Package

This package is optional for students that would like to add the benefits of heart rate training and verified data to their online PE courses. Package includes Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor, Flow Link Device, and access to the Polar Tracker Site. Equipment can also be purchased separately.

  • FT7 Watch comes in black, silver, or red.
  • Includes Polar WearLink+ Coded Transmitter
  • Records heart rate zones, signals target heart rate, and displays calories burned
  • FlowLink device allows for data to be uploaded from watch to computer
  • Polar Tracker reports data, as well as provides additional health and fitness tools
Price: $ 189.99

Additional Polar Products

Additional polar products are available through cFitness Academy. Additional products may be available that aren’t listed. For Polar Products not listed here, inquire at