Brooklyn, Student

I liked that this class catered to people from all walks of life. There was a fitness library you could visit for exercises that included some for people of very minimal fitness levels like myself.  I’m used to feeling bad because I’m so inactive and out of shape but I didn’t feel pressured and my teacher was a great motivator.

—Brooklyn, Student

Daniel, Student

This course is the best I have taken on-line. It was easy to read, understand, and the questions on the quiz were taken directly from the information provided.  The greatest benefit was that the course made me aware of my level of health and fitness and encouraged me to push a little harder.

—Daniel, Student

Darrin, Student

As an athlete, I already get a lot of exercise every day. This course was great because I could count the exercise I am already doing towards my PE program.  I also learned a lot of information about health and fitness that will help me in my training.

—Darrin, Student

Taylor, Student

I loved the flexibility the Carone courses offered. I didn’t feel rushed to get my assignments done.  There was plenty of time to do an accurate job.  The information I learned was taught in a simple and useful way. I learned new things about exercising, health, and anatomy.

—Taylor, Student

Jordan, Student

My Carone Learning teacher was beyond helpful. She cared about my work and my personal goals. I did not get frustrated because I knew I could ask her questions. If all teachers were like her I think there would be more.

—Jordan, Student

Sharon, School Registrar

I want to let you know what positive feedback we are receiving about the Carone courses. We had often wondered if we would ever find quality PE courses that could be delivered virtually, but Carone Learning has made that possible.

—Sharon, School Registrar

Nikei, Student

This is also one of the coolest PE classes that I have ever had (they don’t get mad if I wear a dress!). Students are motivated in a new way to be successful in PE class and all of our other classes to.

—Nikei, Student

Gina, Student

Since beginning this fitness course, I feel much better about myself. I have more energy, I’m more alert and focused in the day, I’m more relaxed, and I’m more self-confident. I also improved my own level of fitness. I am very proud of myself because it wasn’t easy.  I’m proud for pushing myself the way I did, and being living proof of the results is amazing.

—Gina, Student

Danika, Student

My instructor is an amazing teacher. Her concern for the success of her students drove me to wanting to complete this course with an A’. She’s also caring and kind, with the ability to work with you shouldyou have a problem.

—Danika, Student


I am learning things I never knew about fitness. All previous PE classes have been centered just on the physical aspect and not on the actual benefits, styles, and methods of physical fitness. Now that I understand a little more about ways to train properly, I am more motivated to workout and less apt to slack off.

—Haley, Student