How to Get Out of PE

How to Get Out of PE.


It’s Guaranteed to Work Every Time!

  • Do you hate to dress down or get sweaty in the middle of a school day?
  • Do you feel uncomfortable exercising in a group?
  • Do you have asthma, an injury, or other issues that make it difficult to exercise?
  • Have you missed too many days of gym class to get credit?
  • Are you already participating in sports or other physical activities?
  • Do you need room in your schedule to take other classes at school?
  • Are you looking for something more personalized that focuses on lifetime fitness?

You are not alone! We have the perfect solution to get you out of your physical education class — online PE by Carone Learning.

“What’s that?” you say, “PE…Online?! Is that like a bunch of typing and finger exercises?”

Nope.  Not even close.

So, what is it?

According to high school student, Nikei, “This is also one of the coolest PE classes that I have ever had and they don’t get mad if I wear a dress!”

Although it may sound like an oxymoron, online PE really does work. The power of Carone Learning’s online PE program goes way beyond the classroom. Despite what some may think, the point of gym class is not to inflict cruel and unusual punishment on teenagers. The goal of a quality physical education is to establish health and exercise habits and learn the skills and principles you need for lifelong fitness.  That is exactly what a Carone Learning online PE course does.

Throughout a course, students:

  • Design and implement their own exercise program
  • Learn and apply fitness principles
  • Set personal goals and work towards improvement
  • Receive motivation and individualized feedback from an instructor (kind of like having your own personal trainer!)

Why Carone Learning?

Most online or alternative PE programs focus on one thing—physical activity. While getting physical activity is a vital part of any PE class, it is just one part. A standards-based physical education class is multi-faceted to include knowledge and skills, as well as physical activity. That, plus a commitment to quality curriculum and an individualized student experience is what sets Carone Learning apart—over 50,000 students agree!

Here’s the Best Part

So you want to get out of your PE class? You can. Take one or more classes through Carone Learning’s Carone Learning Academy and get credit! That’s right! As an accredited school, Carone Learning Academy can offer course credit for all of its PE, health, and elective courses—credit that can be transferred back to your school… No more sweating it up during school, no more short gym shorts, and no more faking a stomach ache to get out of a pickle ball lesson. It’s a slam dunk!