5 Game-Changing Benefits of Personalized Learning

High SchoolersEducation is your child’s foundation. It’s one of the most important components of their early years. But while planning curriculum, not enough of us take to heart this essential truth: education is NOT one size fits all!

Every child is different. They have different needs and interests, and learn in unique ways. That’s why we firmly believe in personalized learning in order to better prepare our students for a future full of exciting changes and challenges. Here are 5 benefits that come with personalized learning models.

#1: Students can Take Things at Their Own Pace

Most classrooms have arbitrary unit deadlines and a limping pace that comes from trying to accommodate many children in one classroom. Personalized learning models can take the time to make sure that your child fully understands each unit before moving on. Additionally, no child is stuck wasting their time on a subject that they already understand, until they’re bored and disengaged with the subject matter. Instead, children are constantly challenged and excited. They’re able to learn more effectively as they truly internalize the building blocks that contribute to each higher unit.

#2: Students are Able to Set Personal Goals

In personalized learning, students can choose the progress that they want to make. Suddenly, they’re so much more motivated. By tracking goals that matter to them, instead of just the arbitrary standards externally dictated, students are all active participants in their own learning.

#3: Potential for Exploratory Learning

Personalized learning opens up a whole new world of exploratory learning. Have you ever seen a child who’s really passionate about dinosaurs? When they’re excited about the subject, they’re suddenly wizards on it. They can recite scientific names, migratory patterns, and the defensive anthropology of all of their favorite species. Personalized learning helps open this up for students in education. They can explore subjects that excite them and better understand their own strengths and contributions. This helps them to adapt to a profession and passion in the future.

#4: One-on-One Time With an Instructor

Personalized learning opens up routes for one-on-one feedback from an instructor in a way that most students never get to see. Instructors are able to specifically identify and troubleshoot when there’s a problem or impediment keeping your child from adapting to new learning, and foster their interests and strengths. Additionally, children know that there’s someone involved in their education who knows them, and is personally invested in their success and progress.

#5: Custom Fits for All Learning Styles and Abilities

Children of all needs have what they require in personalized learning. Even better, they can still get rich benefits out of a personalized program. This is a welcome change to students who are used to classes that accommodate kids with completely different abilities and interests. Learning through auditory and visual imagery (words, pictures, videos, and narration) as well as self exploration options, helps meet the needs and interests of a variety of students.

Carone’s online educational curriculum allows for personalized learning in a way that few programs can. Want your child to get the benefits that can come from online learning from an accredited and experienced resource? Talk to us!