Cleaning Eating

Do you read food labels?  Avoid processed foods, and seek more natural, whole, and raw foods?  If not, clean eating is one diet trend that is worth pursuing.  After decades of searching for foods that will nourish our bodies without adding extra pounds, experts are directing us to get back to the basics.  Replacing foods that are loaded with chemicals and preservatives with fresh produce, whole grains, and lean meats can improve your nutrition intake because these processed foods are often less nutrient dense than whole foods.  

Processed foods are loaded with sugar, salt, coloring and other additives designed both to make food have a longer shelf life and induce cravings for more.  Next time you head to the market or the pantry, try these substitutions:

  • Instead of flavored applesauce, go for fresh apples
  • Ditch the lunch meat and hot dogs and buy a chicken breast to grill
  • Skip the frozen dinner and throw together some steamed veggies and a steak

When you do have to purchase boxed, canned, or frozen foods, read the labels.  If you can’t pronounce it or are unfamiliar with the ingredient, it is not a good sign.  Eat clean and your body and your palate will thank you.