Fall Willpower

Willpower…do you have it?  Does your willpower need a boost?  This time of year can be especially hard with the Halloween, Thanksgiving, and the Christmas Holidays approaching.  Festivals and gatherings seem to be synonymous with a spread of delectable high-calorie foods.  How can you prepare yourself ahead of time to avoid ruining your healthy eating pattern?

Here are a few suggestions, try them and see which ones work for you:

  • Plan ahead.  Decide how many and what types of treats you will allow yourself to have before heading to the party.  If you eat extra clean all week, you can afford a dessert at the party.  Just don’t let one dessert lead to five.
  • Take your own healthy options.  Volunteer to bring something to the party, and show up with a veggie tray with a light dip, or a fruit creation.  Search for healthy recipes for dips and appetizers on Pinterest.
  • Eat a healthy dinner before you go, brush your teeth, and stick with a glass of ice water at the party.  If you show up hungry and the choices are limited to creamy soups and sugary treats you won’t have much of a chance.
  • Stay busy.  If your party has games or activities, offer to be in charge of one. You’ll spend less time at the buffet table and more time making sure everyone is enjoying themselves.