Fitness Barriers

There are several barriers that can prevent a person from getting the adequate exercise needed. Below are some barriers and possible solutions.

Barrier #1: Too tired after a long day of work or not enough time in the day.

  • Solution: Get up half hour earlier and exercise in the morning. Schedule exercise into your daily routine (raking the lawn) and make it a priority, or even a family event.

Barrier #2: Treadmill or stationary bike is boring.

  • Solution: Change it up! Take a bike ride outside, go bird watching on your hike, meet a friend to workout with and chat away, or exercise during your favorite show. Instead of watching the time, just enjoy the movie or hour show and know you are done when the show is over.

Barrier #3: Not having a lot of money to spend on a gym membership or exercise equipment or not having someone to watch my children.

  • Solution #1: Go outside. Go to a park or sign up for free events through recreation center. Check with your employer to see if they offer discounts for gym memberships.
  • Solution #2: Trade babysitting time with a neighbor or friend. When choosing a gym, find one with childcare and take your children with you.