Group Challenges

Being accountable to yourself doesn’t always pan out.  For a better chance of meeting your goals, get a group of friends or co-workers together for a fitness challenge.  You’ll have more support and more fun.  It doesn’t have to be a weight-loss challenge.  Try a different goal each week for several weeks.  You can even have a prize for the winner.  Here are a few ideas to include in your contest:

  • Don’t eat out for an entire week.
  • Drink 64 ounces of water every day.
  • Do 50 squats each day.
  • No sweets for a week.
  • 45 minutes of cardio five days.
  • Eat five servings of vegetables per day.

Brainstorm with your group and add more creative challenges based on your unique needs and goals.  Let the challenge begin!