Meet Caleb T. Carone Learning Student of the Week!

Caleb was enrolled in Fitness Fundamentals with us because he didn’t have time in his school schedule. Taking an online course was helpful to him so he could fit other needed courses into his schedule. He liked seeing progress physically in many areas including on the scale, in flexibility and strength! He also learned exercising can be more enjoyable than he thought!

What do you like most about your Carone Learning course? Seeing progress physically.

What have you learned in your Carone Learning course that will most help you in your life? That exercising can be more enjoyable than I thought.

How has your Carone Learning course helped you improve your level of health or fitness? I have seen results both on the scale, in my flexibility, and strength.

How has your cFitness Academy instructor helped you with your course or your goals? She has sent me reminders to submit my assignments.

Why did you sign up for a course through cFitness Academy, and how has taking this course online been beneficial? Because I needed a fitness class to show to my school. Taking this course online was beneficial since this unusual time could not hinder this class.

Here’s what Caleb’s teacher had to say about him: I have been particularly impressed with Caleb’s diligence in continually making an effort to get as much of his workouts in and to do a little better each week, even when it proved difficult and frustrating. He’s never given up and even was prepared to do more fitness logs than was required in the course. I appreciate his work ethic. In addition to his fitness logs his quality of work on his assignments has been great and he’s done well to stay on task and take the course seriously. So despite the fitness portion being a struggle Caleb has succeeded in this course and has just been a pleasure to work with as a student and I want to reward him for his efforts.