PE for Students with Physical Limitations

online student Many traditional schools offer waivers in PE so that students with physical limitations will not have to take PE courses.  However, that is really doing a dis-service to the student.  Rather than opting out of PE, students should still have the opportunity to learn about health and fitness principles and participate in physical activity (if able) at their own pace and level.  Schools should offer these students an alternate option.

Online education is an excellent option for students with physical limitations because course requirements can easily be adapted to meet a student’s abilities. Students will still learn vital fitness principles, and they can work on progressing in areas where they are able. Carone Learning offers an adaptive PE course specifically for students with limitations, and we can also adapt the requirements of many of our online courses to meet special needs.

Adaptive PE course

Our Adaptive PE course is the perfect option for students with physical limitations because we designed it specifically for these students. The course is similar to our Fitness Fundamentals 1 course. It includes additional modification resources so that students can customize their exercise requirements based on their abilities. In addition to these resources, students learn how to begin a personalized exercise program and maintain a healthy, active lifestyle despite physical limitations. They also learn about the benefits of physical activity and study principles and techniques of exercise that will keep them safe and healthy.

The Adaptive PE course covers a wide variety of topics. Students begin by discussing fitness assessment and personal goal setting. They learn about the importance of warming up and cooling down, as well as the importance of proper technique during exercise. They also study the many benefits of exercise and how to avoid injury during exercise. Other topics covered in the course include FITT principles, heart rate and intensity, nutrition, and weight management.

Accommodations with other courses

We at Carone Learning believe that because any exercise program can be adapted to meet special needs, PE courses should be adaptable too. Therefore, we are happy to work with you to accommodate any special physical or academic needs. We can make accommodations with many of our online PE courses and work with students of all fitness levels and abilities.

Is there a physical or academic need that you feel we should be aware of? If so, be sure to make a note of it during registration. It is also best to contact the course instructor after enrollment to discuss specific accommodations. We also request a doctor’s note to outline the student’s physical abilities and recommended activities.