Rules of Fives

With all the holiday parties and rich food available this time of year, holiday eating can easily turn to overeating. To avoid eating too much, keep in mind the Rule of Fives.

  • Count to FIVE. Taking food that’s in front of you can be almost automatic. It’s easy to eat calories without even realizing. Next time you reach for something, press “pause” and ask yourself if you really want or need it.
  • Stay FIVE Feet from the Food Table. When you are at a party or social gathering, if you stay close to the food table, you are more likely to keep snacking. Dish yourself a small plate and then try to stay at least five feet from the food.
  • Wait FIVE minutes before going back for seconds. Oftentimes food tastes so good, we go back for more before we’ve even had time to let the first helping settle. Allow yourself five minutes after eating and then determine if you still really want that second helping.