Get a Better Burn

After your regular workout try to finish off with a quick burst of energy to increase your heart rate and burn more calories. It will only add an additional five minutes to your workout but give you quicker results.

Think of circuits in 20 second or 30 second increments with only 10 second break between each workout. Go through each movement twice.

  • Speed Squat: feet hip-width, bend knees 90 degrees, return to stand. Remember to keep chest upright.
  • Squat Thrust: feet hip-width, bend knees and place hands between knees on ground, then kick legs back to push-up position (increase difficulty by bringing legs back to squatting position, then exploding up with both hands in air as high as you can jump…called burpees).
  • Mountain Climbers: in push-up position, bring knees up to your chest, alternating, similar to running in place.
  • Speed Skip: skip in place bringing knees up to chest.