Healthy Resolutions

Every year thousands of people resolve to eat better, exercise more, or lose weight. Yet, a month or two into the year, their resolutions seem to fade away. Below are some tips to help you maintain your healthy resolutions throughout the year.

  • Baby Steps: You want your goals to be challenging, but not over-ambitious. Setting your goals too high can be overwhelming when you don’t see immediate progress.
  • Milestones: Set monthly milestones. Have short-term goals that you can celebrate along the way.
  • Make it Real: Working towards an actual event with a deadline rather than an arbitrary goal can be helpful. For example, register to run a race, schedule a difficult hike, or plan to attend a fancy event where you want to fit into a specific outfit.
  • Be Flexible: Life is constantly changing. Be willing to make changes to your goals and your plans also. If you aren’t seeing the progress you’d like, don’t just throw your goals out the window; instead, modify them as needed.