Kickboxing is a popular cardio class workout at gyms across the nation. Kickboxing combines boxing, martial arts, and aerobics into a high-intensity, total-body workout. A typical aerobic kickboxing workout includes a series of repetitive punches and kicks.

Initially the moves may seem awkward, but with practice it will quickly become natural and fun. Focus on using and maintaining proper technique. To avoid injury ask your instructor any questions you have about technique. Also, be sure to avoid these common mistakes for beginners:

  • Wearing weights or holding dumbbells when throwing punches
  • Locking your joints when throwing kicks or punches
  • Overextending kicks (beginners should avoid high kicks until they get used to the routine and become more flexible)
  • Giving in to group peer pressure and exercising beyond fatigue

Most kickboxing classes are about 50-60 minutes; therefore, when you start off be sure you ease into it. If you start feeling overly exhausted, it may be time to slow down or stop. As your fitness level improves, you will gradually be able to exercise at a higher intensity and for a longer period of time.