Lifting Tempo

Resistance training can be done at slow, medium, or explosive speeds.  We sometimes get stuck in a rut with the same routine, but mixing up the tempo of our lifting can be beneficial.  New research shows that the mechanoreceptors that sense stimuli in joints, muscles, and ligaments are more efficient when the tempo is changed.  This will make injury less likely, and help us move better.
Try lifting at a new tempo, such as: 

  • 4 seconds down
  • 2 second hold
  • 1 second up

When you have mastered this tempo, increase the speed to:

  • 2 seconds down
  • 2 seconds up

After two weeks, change it up to a higher, more explosive speed tempo:

  • 1 second down
  • 1 second hold (or no hold)
  • 1 second up

Muscles become adapted to the workload placed on them, and by changing it every couple of weeks, plateaus can be avoided.