Meet Kristen M! Carone Learning Student of the Week

Kristen M< Carone Learning Student of the WeekLet us introduce you to our student of the week, Kristen M.!  Kristen has taken multiple courses through Carone Learning’s cFitness Academy.  Learn a little more about Kristen and find out what she likes most about our courses, teachers, and flexible online learning program.

What do you like most about your Carone Learning course?

I like that I can do my work independently without any classroom distractions. I can work at a pace that works or me and I can challenge myself more than if I was in a classroom environment.

What have you learned in your Carone Learning course that will most help you in your life?

I have learned how to pace myself and change habits. Last semester and at the beginning of this semester, I have learned how to change habits you have formed over time. I think this is helpful because I’ve been wanting to make my habits better and the course has taught me how.

How has your Carone Learning course helped you improve your level of health or fitness?

Now that I have learned about health habits and how to pace myself, I am drinking more water and staying hydrated. At the beginning of the summer, I barely drank any water or other beverages, but now I drink at least two bottles a day.

How has your cFitness Academy instructor helped you with your course or your goals?

My instructor gave me an email and phone number to use in case I had any questions or problems throughout the course. Whenever something happens or I have a question, I email her about it to see if it can be fixed. My instructor is very helpful is always willing to work with you through your problems. When you email her, she always gets back to you within about 24 hours.

Why did you sign up for a course through cFitness Academy, and how has taking this course online been beneficial?

I signed up because I did not have room in my schedule to take health. I wanted to get my credit this year (my 9th grade year) so I would have three years to get my other two credits. The online course is beneficial to me because I can take all the classes I wanted to take this year and still have my credit for health. I wouldn’t be able to take the classes I’m in right now if it wasn’t for cFitness. Because of that, I am grateful.

Please share any other comments you have about cFitness Academy or your Carone Learning course.

cFitness has allowed me to work through health at a pace that fits my schedule. I am being more challenged and learning some great self studying skills because of online health.

Here’s what Kristen’s teacher had to say about her: 

“Kristen always wants to do her best no matter what. She is willing to retry an assignment to fix even a small mistake. I appreciate her thoughts and views and that she’s kind and caring to others.”

In Kristen’s Life Skills health class she has been exploring her own identity– what makes Kristen who she is?  As part of an assignment she identified her own personal mission statement, personal values and talents.    

Mission statement: “Make no enemies.” This was my grandpa’s life motto, and now it is my own. Personal Values: 1. I believe in love for everyone. 2. I believe in equality. 3. I believe in respect and loyalty. Talents: 1. I am artistic. 2. I am intelligent.

Just as all of our students are unique, we think Kristen is pretty great and we’re proud to have her in class! Thanks, Kristen!