Meet Shaylee S.! Carone Learning’s Student of the Week!

Let us introduce you to our student of the week, Shaylee S.!  Shaylee was put into her online course with us after a car accident left her home bound. She instructor has described her work as interesting and inspirational! Come read about our Student of the Week!

What do you like most about your Carone Learning course?

I like the fact I can work at my pace so to speak. As long as your ahead you can do as much as you can and with my schedule right now it helps out a lot.

What have you learned in your Carone Learning course that will most help you in your life?

I have learned how to deal with a lot of situations I have never personally faced before. Reading some of the situations and responses has helped me see how I should deal with the situation if it ever comes up.

How has your Carone Learning course helped you improve your level of health or fitness?

It has helped me realizes a lot of things that can be very harmful to you. It makes me see that there are changes I need to make to my everyday life and activity to make myself a healthier person.

How has your cFitness Academy instructor helped you with your course or your goals?

She has been very helpful. She was patient with me when I was unable to get stated, when I had questions, and when I was behind she gave me the time to get it caught up.

Why did you sign up for a course through cFitness Academy, and how has taking this course online been beneficial?

I didn’t sign up for this class. I started this year on home bound due to a car accident and I was put into this class. Although I was worried about the class it has been very educational and taught me many things about my health and the health of others.


Here’s what Shaylee’s teacher had to say about her: 

“She works hard to do high quality work and stay ahead of the pacing guide, even when she was very behind early on. Her Reflection Journal entries are particularly interesting and inspirational. Shaylee has also been great at communicating with me throughout the semester letting me know if she’s struggling or has questions, which is helpful to me as an instructor, especially an online one.”

In Shaylee’s Drugs and Alcohol course there is a lesson on refusal skills to help students know when to say, “No!” as well as practice saying, “No!” Here is Shaylee’s reflection and experiences using refusal skills.   

4.1 Reflection: Learning refusal skills is very important so you can feel confident when refusing drugs or alcohol when offered. Although you may not have had to refuse these things, what are other situations you have had to use refusal skills to make a better choice. (i.e. invitation to a party, skipping school, etc.) Explain your experience.

Response: I had a friend of mine ask me to smoke pot. Another one asked me to skip school and go drinking with a bunch of my friends. I told them both no, I wasn’t going to do it. One of them actually laughed and called me chicken. It really bothered me but instead of letting them see that it was making me mad, I just decided to laugh at him and tell him he was the one that was being stupid. Going out drinking and driving was one of the dumbest things he could do. After we both tried to make the other feel guilty, I walked away. A few minutes later he found me and said the he thought about what I had said and decided he would stay with me. I felt good to know that I kept a friend from going out and doing something extremely stupid.

Just as all of our students are unique, we think Shaylee is pretty great and we’re proud to have her in class! Thanks, Shaylee!