A New Approach to Food in the New Year

Have you made your new year’s resolutions? Is a diet on the list?  This year try taking a fresh new approach to nutrition. Instead of counting calories, focus on the quality of the foods you eat. 
Consider one or more of these strategies:

  • Switch from juicing to smoothies. Juicing removes most of the fiber and many vitamins. Puree whole fruits and vegetables in the blender with ice, a splash of milk, protein powder, or yogurt. Experiment to find the combinations you like most. 
  • Go whole and eat only non-processed foods. Cooking from scratch is much healthier and can save you money.
  • Make a goal to try a new vegetable every week.
  • Cut back on sugar by limiting yourself to one or two desserts per week. Satisfy your sugar cravings with fresh fruit.

Simple changes like these can make a big difference to your waistline and your overall health.  Don’t forget to motivate yourself with a non-food reward for meeting your goals.