Summertime is a fun and active phase for many people. With this activity comes a possible increase in injuries. Many acute injuries are not serious, but can dampen the spirit and physical capacities of any active individual. If you find yourself with a sprain or strain, remember RICE. 

  • REST the injury. Give it time to recover and prevent secondary injuries.
  • ICE the injury immediately after the incident. A bag of crushed ice is best since you can wrap it around the joint or injury…even a bag of frozen peas works great.
  • COMPRESSION around the injured site will prevent swelling from spreading and encourage the fluid away to allow healing. Tie or tape the ice bag around the joint, but not too tight, you should be able to slide two fingers between the skin and bag of ice.
  • ELEVATION reduces gravities effect on swelling. Raise the injury a little, but be sure to support other joints. For example, raise an injured ankle, but be sure to put support under knee joint as well.