Summer Picnics

The weather is great and it’s time for summer fun. Chances are you’ll be eating some meals outdoors with family and friends. Keep your food safe by following these suggestions: 

  • Wash your hands frequently. Always have clean hands when preparing and eating food. It may be difficult to find running water with soap if you are away from home, so carry hand sanitizer as a back-up.
  • Use a well-insulated cooler for perishable foods. Pack it with plenty of ice or dry ice, and only remove raw meat when you are ready to grill it.
  • Keep your raw meats separate from all other foods. Make sure it is securely sealed in air-tight containers so juices from raw meat don’t contaminate other foods. Use a separate set of utensils and dishes for raw meats and cooked meats.
  • When in doubt, throw it out. If you are not sure if you food is safe, don’t take the chance.
  • Invest in a meat-thermometer. Cook all meats to the proper temperature before consuming.