Change It Up!

Are you stuck in a monotonous rut? Does your exercise start to feel more like a chore than something you look forward to? There is a quick and easy way to help you get out of that rut…CHANGE IT UP! Muscle memory starts when you get comfortable with your workout and the workouts become less challenging. This is the point that you should try something new in order to prevent your betting getting to use to a workout.

  • Aerobic/Runners: change up tempo, uphill, downhill, sprints, biking, spin class, step-aerobic, kickboxing, go run outside vs. treadmill.
  • Muscle strengthening: try kettlebells, resistant bands, bar bell, dumb bars, medicine balls, whatever method you currently are NOT using.
  • Stress relaxation and flexibility: yoga instead of Pilates, meditation.

If intimidated to try something new on your own, call a friend and follow their exercise plan. Try a new fitness class. Change it up and get yourself out of that fitness rut.