Meet Josephine A. – Carone Learning Student of the Week!

Josie is currently taking Accelerated Comprehensive PE – a course which allows students to explore concepts involving personal fitness, team sports, dual sports, and individual and lifetime sports!

What do you like most about your Carone Learning course? I like that I can complete it at my own pace while still being able to have a pacing guide to give me an idea of when to turn things in.

What have you learned in your Carone Learning course that will most help you in your life? I say accountability- it’s up to me to turn in my assignments, and it’s my responsibility to be prepared.

How has your Carone Learning course helped you improve your level of health or fitness? It’s helping me with endurance and strength exercises.

How has your cFitness Academy instructor helped you with your course or your goals? My instructor has been super flexible and understanding in answering any questions, and always checks in with us!

Why did you sign up for a course through cFitness Academy, and how has taking this course online been beneficial? I have hypermobile EDS, so I couldn’t take regular gym classes. Carone’s learning guide was much more helpful because I can exercise at my own pace without hurting myself.

Here’s what Josie’s teacher had to say about her: Josie has been an absolute pleasure to work with and always works her hardest to do well on her assignments and fitness. She is accepting of teacher feedback and suggestions in regards to her fitness logs and exercise routines, and is proactive in making progress with her workouts and goals. I’m pleased that she has been able to find exercises that she enjoys and work for her to get into an effective routine. She recognizes when her body is making progress and takes the initiative to increase the intensity and challenges to continue making progress towards her fitness and health goals. I also appreciate that Josie brings in personal experience to her assignments and discussions to broaden and solidify her understanding of the topics being introduced in the course.